Founded in 1988 Freeman Freighters has become a leader in freight transport logistics across Australia. With a wide range of purpose-built vehicles, we offer unparalleled service, specialising in full load interstate logistics nationally.


We pride ourselves on efficiency, maximising the capability of any single load, utilising all available space, reducing costs and maximising our customer's freight loads.


Freeman Freighters delivers a unique first-class standard with greater capabilities of our competitors, allowing your freight to travel further and smarter. We have a powerful commitment to providing an unmatched service, whereby we strive to deliver only the highest level of quality and service. Each of our drivers is experienced in the handling of fragile cartage including live plants.


Both our team and customers have an equal understanding of Freeman Freighter's mission in providing unsurpassed safety measures and procedures protecting our people, customers and freight.

At Freeman Freighters we acknowledge the time constraints, detours and expenses involved in modern-day business and therefore our customers appreciate the attention to detail of every trip. At Freeman Freighters we seek to deliver perfect freight on time, every time.